Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reviewing this blog, excluding Evolution picks

I evolved away from evolution pretty fast, although I still use it, but in a way that is barely recognizable from the original intent.  I reviewed a bunch of evolution hits a while ago, and they were probably 90% successful.  That was largely before the choppiness of the last month+.  I suspect it's been a bit less accurate, or at least less timely, but probably still mostly right.

Evolution wasn't my work, and what I'm really reviewing is me! If you just want the conclusion, skip to the end.

I said go short the morning of sept 7th, which made a ton of money.  I'd just started and more than doubled my money within a week.  A spectacular hit.  The 7th wasn't huge, but the 3 day slide was good.

Sept 9, the Friday after the previous pick, I said, midday, stocks are still bearish.  They slid through Monday.  I made a joke about DB, I'm assuming everybody realized I wasn't going long. 

This is a complex one :P  It looks like I was  trying to find an intraday bottom on sept 13.  Before the compression system was out.  I think It was ultimately correct. I don't know if I made money, but stocks did rally into the next day.  

My introduction of the concept of the 1500 minute moving average (50 x 30 minute chart)  I wasnt' saying much, so this is mostly not scorable.  I think it's useful to at least look at.

Here's the scorecard for evolution until I stopped keeping track

I took on a Mannarino video here.  He was right, and I just said wait.  It's sort of continued here.
While I was right in the immediate short term, stocks went down for a while, I thought it would continue down the next day, but it went up.

I got this one right, predicting stocks to go down the next day.

Here was an epic call, for a high on sept 21-22, with a big drop after, which lasted 3 days.  I suspect I talked about this a lot, so I'm not going to link to all of the posts on this day.  I talk about some other dates farther in the future, and I think they were correct also, but it was too far in advance to be concrete.  Here is one immediately before the day.

Didn't like miners here.  They ended up flat the next day, so this is a non event.

This was true, but it was a pretty minor move.

This was for the 24th, sort of a continuation of the high on the 22nd.  Said the bigger drop would be 24th not 23rd.

Talked about the long term trend being bullish from sept 7th

Predicted a rebound the following Tues-Wed after the fed meeting.

Completely nailed Sept 30th.

I'm not going to do every single jig I predicted here, but the nearest, other than the up day on the 30th above, I also called for a low on Oct 4th, which came true in a big way.  Reaffirmed on the 3rd before the close.

This intraday call was correct, Stocks had just hit their low for the day

.DB to move up through Oct, nailed it.  Major turning point comes in Nov.

A gold sell hit, huge.  That was the 1st post about it.  Here is the post the day before when I said I will short when evolution says to, which was at that very moment.

Nailed  a major low on the 10th, said the next was the 12th after a 1 day rebound.  The low ended up being at the open on the 13th.  I'm not going to call this one right or wrong.  

Advised against Mannarinos buy call.  This was correct but I was sort of hit and miss on the week so I'm just going to mention that and leave this as a wash.

Then brings us up to the new system I started using.  I'm going to end it here, I'm getting worn out from this article!  I'll do a part 2 which does the 2nd half of Oct.  

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  1. all bs unless you include actual profit loss statement. anyone can type anything they want to on the internet. Keep it real.