Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I like this right now (IEF) (BONDS) (OPPOSITE OF LIKE)

We're a UO short of a sell signal, but we had a sell signal yesterday.  I'd not close the position if I got short then.

Lines converged, below the lines, compressed, ready to expand.  I'll consider shorting this tomorrow morning, but I might back out pending where the open is.  There have been a number of days when the price action on this was crazy. 

I'm conflicted on selling this after 30 minutes into the day, but I think I will stick with that plan.  


  1. Here is scammarino's old webpage

    his evolution system, investing performance, prediction track record, is about as good as his zodiac interpretation, blackjack beat the house system, and spy services, I'd say...


    1. The blackjack system is mathematically proven. That's why they ban people who use it.