Friday, October 28, 2016

10-28-16 Stocks for the open

It looks like the signal will be up.  I can't hang around until the close today :( and I will be leaving shortly.  It would take a lot of movement in this last 30 min to shake the current signal. 

If stocks do indeed open up, watch out for that line I posted about!  You can see it in the ALERT post, which was several posts ago today.  We also hit that bottom line and stayed in that wedge I made.  When that breaks it could be epic. 

Really wish we had a daily timing array for the dow.  We got 3 last month, and will likely get none this month, being that it is almost over.  Still, we have that weekly, which gives us a turning point next week.  Probably a low.  This turning point could be the breakdown from that wedge in the Alert post!  It might be on Monday.

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