Tuesday, October 18, 2016

big ol sell signal

Since keeping track, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday were all successful.


  1. How far out in terms of dates do you like to but puts or calls when making this play?
    I made my first play on this with a 10/19 put and it has not done well. You did warn us that it would not work every day!!!

    1. After getting burned today, I went for it again. I think the fact that the sell was ongoing for a while might have made it less solid. Today we ended with a very fresh turn. Also I am hedged, by being long a couple of things I found via evolution. XRT and CSCO

  2. I wouldn't do the same day, and I end up doing a wide variety, but usually in the 1-2 week range.

    It's more accurate for just the open, and then it might stay the same or change early on. This opened barely higher than the close, but there was a market break :( which ALWAYS sends the market upwards. I lost money with you on this one. I hope you saved enough back to fight another day.

    If it makes it back up to that penant I drew awhile ago, it might be a good turning point.

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  4. Thank you Joe. I'll try again very soon!