Thursday, October 20, 2016

Possible Good time to buy Metals

Today is giving us a major sell off!  But look at the bigger picture.  This bounced PERFECTLY! off the 200 day moving average, red line. 

This looks almost as good, but less perfect. 

This is probably a short term bounce, based on the timing array it will likely close the quarter lower than the last quarter, still, that leaves quite a bit of room to the upside.

Also, I think that stocks are post bottom for the day, but I'm not quite confident yet.

Cripes I accidentally deleted another comment.  I will address it here.  It is actually a 200 day moving average, that I stuck in just for these pictures, because I hear people talk about it a lot.


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  2. Lol,should I be making copies of my comments just in case. Im just kidding, I understand, it happens.

    Do you find the 200 day moving average to be more helpful and recommended?

    1. I'm just suggesting it as a possible target for a turnaround. Just a reason to pay attention basically.

      Possble war starts tomorrow :P Probably good for metals.