Friday, October 28, 2016

++ ALERT! I either have brains or balls or both Updatedx2 ++

hopefully both, but this chart says short.  I trust it, and I have made a lot of money on this line so far.  That doesn't prove it will continue though!

Extra comment: This line is supported by the hidden message dates 9-7 and 9-23.  Probably more that I never found.

The line is the downward sloping line with touches at 8-15, 9-6/7, 9-22, and a few more. 


  1. Can you explain your bearishness? How are you making money with this line? It is hard to see on your chart, but if you draw the upper line to connect the closes of 09-06-16 and 10-10-16, today's price action is breaking out above. I do see resistance at the 50 day and the cloud above, but if it can CLOSE above the pennant, a bullish sign. Not trying to argue, but looking for clarity on your read and play.

    1. Oh, I forgot. I meant just the top line sloping downward. The other lines I just kinda stuck in there. I believe this line is unbreakable on a daily closing basis until there is some significant new low first.

    2. This isn't JUST a line. This line is biblical, and it can't be broken (imo) I knew this line was going to be here before it even got started.