Thursday, October 20, 2016

Check out this consolidation!

Tomorrow's open might be explosive.  This is a 30 minute chart.

I know not which way it goes!  Maybe this will take us to that turning point we're supposed to get this week.

If we exceed neither last weeks high or low, then I suspect this week will be a high, and we will turn lower next week.


  1. economic collapse within months!
    scammarino said in 2012... and says the exact same schtick/patter now. Shame really. Here's what he looked and sounded like (quite different) on YouTube before he got a style coach and advice on suit and a tie and mastered his schtick and talking routine

    Good luck with his silly're going to need it.

    1. I've thought this a bunch of times myself. The collapse, is in confidence, and smart people tend to overestimate the intelligence of average people, thus the economy limps along.

  2. This move ended up being rather big. It opened a half a percent lower. Would have made a ton of money if only I was in on it!