Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nailed it

Did anybody else short the open?

I can't tell you what to do, but I've been pretty good, but then again, there is always the translation thing.  Like did I clearly describe what I thought would happen?  And was it timed properly?  I will try again to predict the open shortly before the close.  Probably in the last 15 minutes.  If I do it too soon, the indicators might change.

Did you believe the whole thing or just part?  I said that usually 30 minutes in is a good time to close when you are playing the open.  I'm out at the moment, and did very well. 

We'll get another chance every day! 

Also, shorting ief was a nail.  Metals are still up from my post!  I'm not sure if it's still a hold or not.  I didn't buy in at the time, so I don't have an opinion.


  1. I did not short the open today since at close yesterday the 2 lines were very close, the orange barely separate from the blue, and EvoSys was not supportive.
    That said, I did have success shorting the open Monday morning, and i am a believer in this play, particularly when your lines and EvoSys line up.

    I wonder if there is some way to inhibit "unknown" whose mission in life seems to be to slander GM?

    Speaking of GM, I am more and more suspecting that he is not by a long shot giving us his best picks. I am finding better ones myself, and his last several have been less than stellar. Still grateful to him though for opening the door for me to start trading.

    1. I thought Evo was *mostly* supportive. As near as I can tell, the distance between the lines doesn't matter. I know greg isn't giving all his picks but he has given some great ones.