Monday, October 31, 2016

Some Numbers from Martin Armstrong.

Our model says we are headed down anyway. But if Hillary is elected, the magnitude of that decline may be much worse than expected.

We have almost a perfect Double Monthly Bearish Reversal in the Dow Jones Industrial Index at the 17330 level and a Bullish standing at 18625.

In gold we have a Monthly Bearish Reversal at 1242 and a Minor Bullish at 1306.

In Crude Oil, we have 4933 coming into play for the closing of October. (It doesn't say if it's bearish or bullish.)

We have interest rates that appear to be getting ready to lift off after a 5,000 year historic low. Keep in mind, that a collapse in confidence of government will cause more and more people to shun government bonds and hoard even more cash.

OK, how to use these numbers, which we look at for the end of the day Monday the 31st (end of month)

A reversal is basically a major support or resistance line.  Most of the time, the price bounces off of these.  He once advised, when the price hits these, take up a position in the opposite direction, with a stop on the other side. 

If it closes the month past the reversal, then I think the implication is that it will continue in that direction.  If it overshoots the reversal, then it is likely to come back to the reversal, but will not come back beyond that.

These are general tips I've read.  I'm not a pro at trading his reversal numbers.

Right now I'm a little bit short.  Mostly I'm just playing that descending line from 8-15, 9-7, 22 that I have posted many times.  If it hits that again I'll be big short.  If it crashes, I'll look to 17330 as a likely stopping point. 

On gold, he recently said 1275 was a limit.  If it hits 1306 without going over, I'll go big short probably.  If it hits 1242, I'll go long.  

We are a dollar away from that oil price, if it hits it, I'll put some mental effort into it.  Until then, no effort.

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