Monday, October 17, 2016

It's not much, but it's been that kind of day. Weekly timing array for DOW

The quote is from Batman, Mask of the Phantasm, FYI.

Lot's of turning points.  If this week is a low, it should rebound into a high sometime the week starting 10/31, and turn south again, which agrees with Bo Polny.

Then a low in November 14-18 and rally through the rest of November. 

Then there is a panic cycle and it starts to get murky. 

Directional change this week, which means something.

Directional Change
The Directional Change model represents when a market will begin to make a decisive move. A Directional Change differs from a turning point in that the Directional Change target does not need to be the actual high or low.
Example: it is possible to find the intraday high or low take place 1 to 3 time units (days, weeks, months, etc.) preceding the Directional Change target. On a weekly level, the actual high might form on Wednesday while the market moves sideways within a narrow trading band until the Directional Change comes into play, perhaps the following week.

During periods of high volatility it will be more common to find the Turning Point and Directional Change converge during the same time period. This normally occurs when a market is making a spike low or high.

This could mean when the market drops from that wedge I've shown with conviction. 

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