Saturday, October 22, 2016

Do you people believe the polls? with hillarious video

I personally thing Trump is getting at least 55% if they were honest.

Of course, I can be wrong, but I guarantee it's not wishful thinking.  That's an honest assessment of everything I can get my hands on.

It doesn't meant that will be the voting result, because like the polls, the election results will also be under attack.  Polls are easier to fake though.

Hillary isn't going to get the Obama enthusiasm high turnout, but Trump might.

This election is very similar to Romney Obama.

Romney screwed Ron Paul in the primary and when on to be the candidate that nobody really cared about.  He had nearly empty rallies.  Obama was the exciting (perceived) new/different kind of candidate.

This time we have Hillary screwing over Bernie (who, sadly, did better than Ron Paul) and having very little turnout at rallies, if her rallies are even real (most are green screened), and Trump is the legitimate different kind of candidate, and he's getting huge turnout at rallies.

The polls that are honest tell you in the fine print how they are rigging it to make Hillary poll better.

Here is what the election is really about:

Trump = team america
Hillary = Kim Jong Ill
Whining liberal criminal welfare thieves are the film actors guild.

So in conclusion, I don't agree with much of Trump's policies, but I really want to see some assholes getting fucked by a giant dick.  I'm also highly averse to getting covered in shit, as Hillary wants to legitimately start world war 3 by provoking Russia/Iran (and probably China) via Syria.

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