Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I think I have a beat on stocks for tomorrow

This is a sell the open signal.  If you missed my study results, the best time to close the position is about 30 minutes into the day.  Of course it varies, but that result happened often enough to merit a mention.

Evolution is mostly bearish but not a sell. 

I don't try to show off that I have something figured out, when I make a conclusion, it is for the sole purpose of making money.  If I ever seem biased, it's just because sometimes I do have a bias based on which way I think things will go, so my confidence will vary sometimes with the same looking signal. 

Anyway... Today is essentially last Thursday, almost to a scary extent.  The mid day rally was a bit higher on Thursday, but largely identical otherwise.  Also, it's an opposite of Friday.

And of course, I am thinking of other things too...
The weekly timing array from Armstrong economics has this as a down week (I think), meaning it will close below last week.  Also this week should be a turning point low, with next week recovering which coincides roughly with the election.  Election week, I think it turns down again. 

This also coincides with Bo Polny's predictions. 

And don't forget!  This current downtrend started by hitting that line I posted about on Monday 10-24.  Now the price action shot down to the 1500 minute moving average (50-30 minute) and I think can have a violent break of that at the open.

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