Thursday, November 3, 2016

YES, thank you, who's ready to make some money?

article from Armstrong

There are a couple of charts plus the timing array.  I'm going to put the timing array here.


This would be easier to read if it included a few more days on the front end. 

I think the next thing to really watch for is the turning point on the 7th.  The next day should give us the opposite move. 

Also of note, the weekly array has no turning point during election week, but a major one in the week after.

A direction change on the 7th and 8th.  I wish I knew more about those.  They don't mean a lot, but they can probably monkey up your well-laid plans if you don't know what they mean. 

Monday's move might be fairly large, and a turning point. 

"The markets will decline as Trump narrows the gap and a Trump victory will more-likely-than-not result in an initial drop, but November is a turning point so it may be a buying opportunity as the majority of the pundits get this one wrong as well."


  1. I still can't understand how the top line (which I believe is the most important) works in terms of telling when there are going to be changes in direction for the market. can you help explain in a few words??????? Signed "Confused"

    1. The simplest thing I can say about it, is the peak blue bars are turning points. Panic cycles really F everything up.

      It should help to read the article. He says markets decline as Trump closes the gap in the polls (which I don't think is a given in rigged polls)

      And he says a 3-day move after the election, (W-F) which will reverse Monday.

      Without a bar for today, it says nothing about tomorrow. I'll post about this array a BUNCH! I promise.

    2. if the array is correct, wait for the 7th. IF it is a high, go short for the 8th, if it is a low, go long for the 8th.

      I'm not sure about this part, but I think the 7th is likely going to be the same direction as the 4th.