Tuesday, November 22, 2016

There is more to Evolution than Just Evolution

Greg Mannarino sometimes references the 50 day moving average.  While it is included in the evolution system, there is no mention of what to look for with it.  Also based on his picks, he doesn't always seem to care what it's doing. 

Do you guys have an opinion on it? 

The characteristics I think are candidates to consider
Direction of the MA
If the current price is above or below the MA

I bought into PEP and NFLX based on the website money page.

PEP is blow the MA, and the MA is trending down
NFLX is above the MA, and the MA is trending up. 

Both are calls i.e. one moving into the MA, and one moving away from the MA.

No apparent rhyme or reason.

I suppose he could be considering it a resistance point, and with the one below the MA, there is a considerable gap, so it is not prescient resistance with either stock. 


  1. I agree.

    I looked back over his successes of the last month and it would have been very hard for me, using the Evolution System, to justify getting into those positions.
    His today recommendation of PEP does make sense to me, I am already into that. But NFLX, I don't get it. It looks like it is ready to fall.

    Of course there is always the chance he is sharing some of his less desirable picks with us, and saving the best for himself..... Who knows.....

    1. no, by telling us the picks he uses, it would help him, as he is already in them. Ultimately we wouldn't matter, but if we did matter, it could only help.

    2. I'm going to study his picks from his video where he turned his 3000 into 7500 and look for clues.

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    4. It would be better if you realize that anyone can open multiple brokerage accounts, and maybe he's showing you only the one that performed well. We need to assess his skill with some longer term account. How about his claim of going to double that account every so often? Hold his feet to the fire for once.

  2. I've actually started paying more attention to the SMA's and Ichimuko Cloud more often now. Joe, what is your email? I can show you what i am looking at.


    1. To clarify, I meant Mannarino is looking at more than just an evolution signal.

      I think you can get my gmail though this blog right? Probably by clicking on my name or something.

  3. No I wasn't able to find your email. Yeah, I understand what you are saying. I feel like the Ichimuko Cloud and the SMA can help add support and resistance on the evolution system. I noticed it helped not only on the daily chart but with in the 60 minute chart and beyond.

    When you made that post a while ago about the Ichimoku Cloud, I went and read about it and I think it can help.

    For instance, when Greg went into Starbucks i didn't understand why. I went in like a day later and made a little profit. Since then I found myself comparing evolution picks on the daily with the Ichimoku cloud on the 60 min and below to see if their was anything to it.

  4. Sorry my name didnt show above. I don't know what happened.