Thursday, November 17, 2016

The NOB trade

Has anybody ever done this?  Do you need an account other than a regular brokerage account?

Ok, it costs 1500!

So, I'm a little skeptical.  How is this worth his time when he can make that much like every other day with his system?  When I started making money I pretty much shut everybody out who wasn't already in on my blog :P.

I haven't given up my day job yet, but if I did, and traded for money, why would I be training people? Compare it to Mannarino, who just asked for 20 some dollars, because he's making his money by trading, not selling stuff.


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  2. Todays video was directed to the above troll I guess, LOL.

    But I'm still a little sceptical to the pricing of that futures stuff, and the success rate he claims. But who knows? I'm not gonna try it though.
    Btw, it's not uncommon for internet profiles to advertise each other.

    1. I can believe he's had an awesome year, but maybe that has just been the trend? What if the next 12 months work in a different direction? Why does he only show one year?

  3. I too am highly sceptical of this guy and his pitch. I don't understand why Greg gives him so much time on his blog???