Monday, November 7, 2016

The winner of the election

With Wikileaks promising to destroy Hillary completely today, and stocks near the highest they can biblically be, this indicates a Trump win.  Stocks are predicted to go down tomorrow, favorable trump news is seemingly the only thing that will cause this, unless they just drift sideways.

Beyond tomorrow we don't know from Timing arrays, but I do know the dow can't cross 18200 on a close.  The election is supposed to be a 2-3 day reaction, and if it is upwards, that would be hard to accomplish without taking out 18200. 

I hope Assange gets some Freedom after this.  His only chance really is to bring down the entire establishment.

Early voting is very heavy among republicans, and not democrats
Clinton screwed Sanders voters, the way Romney screwed Paul, and paid for it.
Clinton has Romney's enthusiasm at rallies,  Trump has Obama's
Trump has a Yuge lead among people to respond as independents
Polls admit they count democrat responses more, and they are matching the 2012 result (illogical)
Brexit is a similar vote, and the anti establishment won
Stocks have more room to fall than rise
Martin Armstrong's model predicts Trump will win the popular vote and get the most votes ever

Clinton might steal it

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