Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Big Summary on What it Means to Be a Democrat

I must start out by disclosing, being a Republican does not automatically mean you are good, nor does it mean that none of these things apply to you.


In the beginning, people came to the United States to get people off their back and to succeed or die based on their own merits.  The pioneer or producer breed always sees opportunities to create value, and move to where these opportunities exist.  In human history there have always been these people, as well as those who beg or steal/attack for a living, which one could call the parasite breed. These people can recognize opportunities to live off of the work of others, and move to where this opportunity is.

These two groups of humans are not entirely separate species, which is why I'm choosing to call them breeds.  The distinction between the breeds is behavioral, not visual.  Additionally, they are a tribe or team, and that is very important to realize.  Much like criminal thieves, legal thieves have a much greater chance of success if they form a pack and outnumber those whom they wish to steal from.

A welfare parasite is not much different from a unabashed criminal, it's just that they have a different style to get their stealings.  I suppose the welfare parasite is better, in that they do what they perceive is more tolerable by the producers.  They can't claim they have permission from the producers, as removing their votes would see welfare abolished.

The pioneer breed will always be the first ones to a new location, and only after they have made it into a great success, the parasite breed will move in.  typically, the parasite breed comes from a bad situation, which has been over-sucked by them, which is why they have to move.  The pioneer class will be more attached to a specific location, because they have made it productive, and the parasite class will be more nomadic.

Because of the way they survive, pioneers are more patient, better at saving and investing, more truthful, while the parasites are the opposite. 

This will explain the cycle of nations, which is expressed in different ways

People are poor, and act like they are poor, saving everything and working hard, absence of parasites

People get rich, things are great, parasites haven't moved in yet, people still work hard

The parasites move in and start sucking, while the pioneers get careless and unvigilant because of their wealth, i.e. the country move to socialism

It all gets wrecked, the parasites die or move on, the pioneers rebuild, people are poor and act like it

This cycle is generally viewed as the attitudes of people in general, but one can't accurately ignore the migration part of it. 

The best way to sum up why the parasites exist, is that nature abhors a vacuum, and thus, there will be parasites where an opportunity exists.

We are in the stage where the hard workers have lost vigilance, and are letting the parasites run wild.  We have moved a great deal towards socialism, to the point where we were on the verge of destroying the country, and perhaps it is already destroyed beyond quick fixes.  We have two general kinds of parasites, welfare and corporate.  Democrat voters, being welfare parasites, are quick to realize that corporate parasites are threatening their host.  Republican voters were slow to see these corporate parasites, but have always been aware of welfare parasites.

Those who vote democrat without a (short-term) desire to suck welfare, probably want to be able to take it later, but will try the whole working thing as long as it's easy.

Another reason to vote democrat is a tribal loyalty, which comes from the limbic system, a primitive region of the brain, before the rational neo-cortex evolved on top of it.  The primitive parts of the brain were not replaced, just added to.  All human brains start at the same place as a reptile's.  Read a book called "Pitch Anything" to understand this phenomenon, highly recommended.

It is probably both the aforementioned factors that create democrat voters.  Why choose the parasite tribe if you want to live by your own work?

Trump was elected as an anti-parasite in hopes that there is still time.  I suspect there is not.  This is a freight train, and you can't just turn it around, especially with all the tracks going in the wrong direction. 

Socialism/Parasitism, destroys all countries that let it.

Don't expect a Democrat to ever see the error of their ways.  They will appear stupid, or blind to you, but I can't emphasize this enough, that is NOT the case.  They aren't stupid, they are just lying.  Their arguments are illogical because no amount of logic gets you to the conclusion that you should work for their benefit. 

So, their ways are not actually in error, they just aren't trying to do what they say they want to do.  They don't want to improve the economy with minimum wage hikes or welfare, they just want something for themselves. 

Instead of logical arguments, they love emotional arguments, by finding suffering victims (even though they will result in more suffering), and they love moral high ground arguments.  Think "Racist, Sexist, Biggot, Homophobe" and sometimes add a few more adjectives depending on the issues of the day. 

In fact, the only true argument a parasite will give you, is the fact that there are other parasites, such as the big banks.  Producers, in their own mental laziness, assume everything they say is a lie, and this actually prevents them from looking seriously into it.

The reason they support gun control is VERY simple.  They want your stuff, which they perceive as easier to get if you are unarmed.  They don't really rationalize it that way though, they just automatically respond to your ability to defend yourself as bad, as you are not in their tribe.  These people prefer strength in numbers, rather than individuals.

The existence of peripheral issues, like gay marriage or global warming, is a way to make politics about something other than stealing money from producers.

When I say it's probably too late to stop them, that's actually never the case.  We've already had a great deal of loss to them, and there will be more.  Where exactly it will stop is impossible to say this far out.  The events that everyone might associate with the "too late" is actually the cure.  Social security and medicare will collapse. 

Since they are destroying the entire world this time, they will have no place to move on to.  Ultimately, they are going to be their own cure.  As nearly a separate species, they have largely segregated themselves, and live in the big cities.  Such a geographical barrier to reproduction would be enough to constitute a separate species, if it were a complete barrier.

Some say the limitations of food are largely a myth right now, and it might be the case, but it's a distinction without a difference.  Either there will be a food shortage in the very near term, or a distribution problem.  These parasites, being in proximity to almost exclusively other parasites, will turn on each other for survival.

I suppose I am writing on a large time frame, so I can't guarantee how imminent this era will be, but based on the pressures we see building right now and certain statistical modeling I can find, it will be over by about 2032.  Basically, now is the best it's going to be for the next 16 years.

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  1. Just curious! Please let me know if you make it to the bottom.

    Also, look to yourself not others to make it in life!