Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Weekly Timing Array for the EURO/USD (FXE)

UPDATE!  Looking at the bottom chart, the line 1 target is 1.0606 Euros to the dollar.  It is currently at 1.0638 according to yahoo finance, and it's Thursday in a Turning point week.  SO! I think we will hit that 1.0606 target tomorrow, and that will be a major turning point that will last until the week of 11/28.  You can play this with the FXE.  If it doesn't hit the target tomorrow I'll probably get in anyway.  I suspect the following turning point will also be on one of the lines.  112 or 115 and change.

At about the same time, I did a weekly DOW.  The only line on that chart is quite a ways down from here.  I'm not going to do a separate post for it.  It looks about the same as far as turning points this week and the week after next (same as the two on the Euro).

The turning points are about the same as the Dow, at least in the near term.  After the week of 11/28, you can ride a 3 week trend.

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