Friday, November 4, 2016

A trading idea for the election (updated)

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Long Vix, short gold.  

I think if clinton wins one would at least break even with the gold smash cancelling out the vix crash losses.  I'm not sure if silver is better here or not.  

If Trump wins, I believe the VIX profit will more than beat the gold put losses.

I think that Trump is going to win.  If not the polls would be even more rigged.  Why would they let this comeback be visible in the polls if they are going to steal it?

There is a lot of vote scrutiny right now. 


ALSO!  I think go out of the money.  If you start out of the money, you don't have that much to lose.  It will take from your winnings, especially on a small move, but on a BIG move, you will still get a lot.  So with the hedged strategy above, the half that's wrong will not have that much to lose. 

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