Wednesday, November 2, 2016

weekly timing array revisited

Purple bars mean no turning point.  Blue bars mean turning points.  I think the taller they are, the more reliable and significant the turning point. 

The week of 10/17 was a turning point high, and it has continued downward through the next week, which was a purple bar.  This week, 10/31, is another turning point.  I assume this means a turning point low.  We might or might not have already passed the low.  It's a decent bet that stocks will finish the week lower than they finished last week.

Next week is a continuation of the up trend that will occur after the turning point.  11/14 should be a MAJOR turning point, and it looks like a high at this point. 

What's weird is that election week is a nothing?  I suppose it could still be a major rally, that lasts into the next week. 

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