Friday, November 18, 2016

Bo Polny is Back!

UPDATE 11-22 Bo has pushed his black ____day to Dec 6.  It looked like a stretch given his presentation.  I must also say though, that years ago someone also picked that day for this year. 

My subscription to this runs out in mid Jan and I probably won't renew.  I'll be paying attention to his youtubes (wich skepticism of course).  My general belief is that he is actually on the right track, but it's not perfected, and maybe it can't be perfected.

His argument that 2016 is some kind of crisis year is really good though.  I'm not saying I necessarily believe it, just that it's a well presented case.  

UPDATE - Jsnip4 has attacked Bo Polny and says his model is not very good.  While I won't quite go as far as to say the model is good, I usually say something like, it hits enough to be interesting.  He offered Jsnip4 his 3 remaining gold turn dates through the FOMC meeting in December in exchange for getting a fresh review from Jsnip4.  It is also true that Jsnip4 is an atheist and might not be overly enthused about a biblical timeline.  

So, I can buy it for 99 dollars, which I might do.  I think these dates will probably be correct.  He's often wrong or off on some lesser points, but on his high confidence picks, he usually nails it. 

Or I can probably guess that it's supposed to take off after FOMC.  There are two dates before that.  You have to buy by the 24th for the offer, Thursday, so maybe that is a turn date. 

OLD STUFF -------------------

I recommend at least watching this for discussion.  On his call for stock top on November 15, that is presently the high, although it has only been 2 days.  He said it would be a crash, but he also says at other times he doesn't really know the prices, just the dates and directions.  The Dow has made a major sell signal according to Evolution, and is just starting to expand downward.  The SPX is most of a sell signal, but the CMO is up.

I'm tempted by the no risk gold trial.  It's 99 dollars and if his dates are off you get your money back.   I'm not sure if I can before the close today though.

One way to look at it, is that 99 dollars isn't much compared to a losing trade.

He's mostly vague with promises in this one other than general collapse.  IMhO a collapse in the economy doesn't even mean the stock price will fall.  However since I'm already expecting stock price to fall, then I suppose it means I believe him.

As I'm writing this, Gold is still 7 dollars back from the price it needs to be to turn back up next week, according to Armstrong.  Also the Euro has backed off to 1.0594, short of the 1.0606 support line.  Of course it can easily reclaim that price, as it has fluctuated today.

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