Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Perhaps the stock price was illogical - conspiracy theory UPDATED 11-17-16

UPDATE!  Election week was not tabbed as a turning point week, and no such turning point took place.  The week before the election was, and it was a low.  I had trouble buying this, as I assumed a Trump win (which I expected) would be bearish for stocks.  However, the turning point low took place before the election, and indeed the election was not a turning point, so the weekly array for the DOW was right all along. 

Does this speak against all the conspiracy theories? 

Anyway, that's not important right now.  What's important is that this week is a turning point.  The bar for next week is almost non-existent, and I think that means there is almost no chance of a turning point, so this one will ride into the week after.  Usually they go into the Friday, but I say that after looking at not that many weekly turning points.

----------------------------OLD STUFF------------------------------

Leading up to the election, pro Hillary news was very good for stocks, and Trump news was very bad for stocks.  Ok, so draining the swamp is bad for stock prices, which are sort of a measure of corruption these days; that makes sense.

Trump wins, stocks go limit down.  Then bounce perfectly off that limit, and by the open they were essentially unchanged.  They fluctuated, then took off.

What's illogical is that a major even with so much buildup, is completely irrelevant.  Stocks go up both results? 

Also the nature of the early fluctuations, stop hunting back and forth?

Are they setting up a major crash in the near future?  It will probably be a liquidity driven flash crash, and not a for real 2008 moment, in my opinion.  I believe the hype, that low retail participation limits the crash.  This is Armstrong's explanation.  He goes on to say liquidity is far below the 2006 level.

In other words, did they save the market now, so they can get in position?  Maybe these lever-pullers were all long.

My best guess is, based on the timing arrays and Bo Polny, that the high will be the 11th or 14th.  My BEST guess is that the 14th starts up but finishes down, and ends on the 17th intraday.

Mannarino has a video out sort of in sync with this, saying this rally isn't real.

Here's a fun fact - biggest stock market rebound since... government intervention in 2008.

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