Monday, November 21, 2016

11-21-16 SPX

If you recall from the Timing Array Mashup, the DAILY SPX extended through tomorrow.  It has today as a turning point, which I assume is a high, being that it's high.

I closed my shorts for a while but now am back in.  I was looking at this array last week.  I hoped that if stocks did indeed continue up, it would be minor.  It was not minor :P But we got a sell signal now on the 30 minute chart. 

We didn't have the 2 lines sell the open signal on Friday, and that signal was correct again.  I'll be looking for it for the close today.  If we don't get it, I might back out of my shorts.

It's at the tail end of the data, so I don't know how meaningful it is.  With the dow, today is the last day on the array, so we can't see tomorrows bar to know if today is a turning point. 

Also I'm on the verge of buying Polny's 3 turn dates. 

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