Friday, November 25, 2016

The Final Days of the Election, What Really Happened?

UPDATE - I've better improved my understanding so I'm going to do a remake of this story.

Background - the election is beyond rigged for Hillary.  She needed the states the polls were giving her, and Nevada, with New Hampshire being extremely close.

The story begins at T-Friday before the election.  That night the FBI was mobilizing for a raid.  We don't know on what exactly, but probably related to pizzagate. 

T-Sunday before the election:  The raid never materialized.  Hillary issues a warning about a "whopper of a wikileak" that will be fake.  (See link in the old material) and instead Comey said on Sunday that they were dropping the email investigation. 

T-Monday before the election:
The stock market takes off, this was the turning point.  But was it because Hillary was now cleared to win?  Or because some big money knew Trump was going to win?  When it was official, the market didn't turn back, it kept going, so the real stock market turning point was over the weekend.

AFTER getting the all clear from the FBI, Hillary cancels fireworks show?  The cause/effect here is suspicious. 

What really happened over the weekend, is that a deal was struck.  Wikileaks held back it's "whopper", the FBI dropped the investigation, and Hillary agreed to rig the election - for Trump. 

Election results:
The election did go to Trump, but it was all very suspicious.  Trump loses the states that were closest in the polls, New Hampsire, Colorado, and Nevada, and wins Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan?  And in hindsight, Hillary was not obligated to let Trump win the popular vote in the deal.

Jill Stein is asking for a recount, and while she will surely make some money, the ultimate goal here is probably to delegitimize the election.  Change the result is approaching impossible, as there is only a 1/8 change to gain at all in 3 states, much lower to get enough to win.  This could actually cancel the electors from those states, because they won't be verified in time, sending it to congress to pick the president, so then Trump would win neither the electoral college nor the popular vote. 

Credit to Bix Weir for getting me started on this track.

Wikileaks internet is shutdown by Team Hillary 10-17-16

FBI reopens email investigation from Weiner's laptop 10-28-16

News circulates about pricing trafficking children 11-4-16

Team Hillary is a bunch of satan worshippers  11-5-16, (wikileaks)

FBI drops the email investigation again 11-6-16 (Sunday)

Team Clinton warns about a "Whopper" of a Wikileak (that will be fake)

Clinton calls off Fireworks 11-7-16

What I think happened, is that Hillary was made aware of all the stuff that was about to destroy her.  She agreed to lose, then wikileaks held back, FBI dropped the investigation, and she cancelled her fireworks show. 

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