Monday, November 28, 2016

I really like AAPL Short right now

Look at this one:  We got a clear signal without missing any of the move. 

Also, it is maximally compressed. 

By the way, if you are actually trading, just pay the money for Mannarinos stuff.  You can make or lose thousands of dollars on good or bad trades with options, so why would you stress over 20 dollars?  It's $45 for both systems I think. 

Officially you should wait until it's obviously going to close below the cyan line as it's only 13 cents off at the moment.

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  1. Hello! long time reader of your posts I think they are excellent. Bought mannerino's evolution system when it came out(both versions) I think they are great. Cannot use the original cause I am from NZ, but I did manage to get my hands on ThinkorSwim the other day. Cannot load up evolution system though. Trying to use the tradingview platform but having a few hick ups with not actually being able to see the upper hma's cross (stupid I know). Trying to solve that issue though. If anyone in the community here is using The Evo Sys on TOS and could give me a hand that would be a great help.
    On to productive matters- I also have apple for 'put' signals (diff system), so this is very helpful.
    Watty from NZ.