Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekly Data + One thing from the daily array

Without scrolling back too far, you can find the weekly arrays for the DOW and the Euro (FXE).

This week is a turning point for both instruments. 

The Dow has taken out it's high of last week, and the FXE has taken out last weeks low.

The turning point is either a closing or intraday (I assume for the weekly array it's a weekly closing, or intraweek)

Which means we could have hit the turning point on any of these up days.  There are also directional changes, which is interesting, considering how little action there has been this week so far, compared to last week.  The Euro even has a double sized bar.

I also want to point out some oft ignored stuff on this daily. If you look at Comp-2 on the S&P, today is the turning point, and if you look at Long term on the S&P, today is also the turning point.  Maybe I am trying to hard with this.  Nothing looks special on the Dow for today.

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