Monday, November 7, 2016

I have a case of the mondays (but this post is serious) (Now with chart)

I closed my calls one darn day too soon :P.  They'd have made so much money today.

Socks are currently around 18050 on the DJIA, and that should be limited to 18200 by the close.

Today is a turning point, so tomorrow should be a down day.  Almost to the line.  As you can see it can get above the line briefly.  It once hit about 50 points above on an intraday high. 


  1. I had a couple of puts (including an over-nighter) over the weekend. Wish I had considered that weekends are riskier that during the week. Darn that Comey!!!

    1. This just goes into the category of, you can't win them all. I hope your investment was small.

      Today is a turning point, so I think that means they will go down tomorrow. I'm waiting until near the close. It might not be a large drop tomorrow.