Thursday, December 1, 2016

Emerging Markets EEM - My Pick of December!

The opinions in this blog are based off of the work of others, not myself. 
If you look at these, they are

almost all bearish in some way, with the exception of the SPX and TCMP, though the Dow is approaching a bearish turn (Monday?)

FTSE is Europe

But look at this list of others that are quite bearish

EEM might be a nice short to cover the batch. 

So what does EEM look like right now?  Note, I've put the alternate system on top of the compression system.

Also EEM is going to be easier to deal with due to higher volume.

So there is a definite compressed sell signal here.  I personally am waiting until tomorrow.  I don't know if that will be a mistake or not! 

This is also a sell on the old system but there's a limit to how many redundant screenshots I want to take.

I will make this my official "Pick of December".  I can't guarantee it will work, but I can't do any more to be right than what I've got right here.

My other pick of December is short DB, starting tomorrow.

My other other pick of December is short copper.  Also short FXE.

I will later evaluate my 4 picks of the month to probably humiliate myself.

I looked into EEM, it's got a lot of India and China in it.  Some Russia, Middle East, Korea, South Africa, Brazil.


  1. Hey Joe, I was just curious if you received the email I sent you a few days ago.

    EEM looks good on the EvoSystem. On the Ichimoku Cloud the Tenkan line is below the Kijun line on the 30 and on the 60 min charts it looks to be moving below that as well.

    1. Yes but I haven't looked into it. I intend to though.