Wednesday, December 14, 2016

By popular demand, Rate Hikes, the subject!

Lol, Mannarino nails another one.

What he's said specifically is that raising the rates will trigger a major collapse, which all this will, and is doing, and he will be proven correct. 

The bond bubble has burst and will continue to burst.  Rate hikes won't stop it, rate cuts won't save it.  It's going to hit a bottom, which is a long way from here.

The fact that they have risen beyond slowly, means we made it (did we really make it?) a whole year with only a few flash crashes which have recovered.  Bonds have been crashing for months now.

Instead of trashing Mannarino why don't we find someone who is better?  The point of this blog is not to trash people, it's to find out the truth and hopefully gain some ability to predict the future.  A list of people who don't help is worthless.

I read just yesterday that DB said stocks will go higher if they raise rates and also if they imply more than 2 rate hikes for 2017.  Lets follow them from now on.  hmm, did stocks go higher?

IEF got killed today.

My picks of December did good, so maybe they will be right after all. 

FXE and EEM are winners for the month.  DB is not at this time.

No irrelevant Mannarino comments will be deleted!


  1. Lol, I just read on a different post that Mannarino is wrong again, you know, because they raised rates like he predicted. Of course I deleted it because the post was about DB.

  2. Lol, how come "Unknown" didn't post this video where Mannarino talks about himself saying the Fed won't raise interest rates and admitting how he was wrong once in his predictions, to than predicting a December rate hike which happened.

  3. IDK, he posted a bunch of mannarino crap everywhere but here lol