Thursday, December 15, 2016

A new criteria for Evolution, with EWL chart

In addition to the given...

I'm going to avoid stocks in which the UO isn't reversing from an extreme, as I mentioned yesterday.


I'm going to make sure they are all swinging at once, like the PP is 1-2 days old max, but probably it's either the day of, or it was yesterday, and you get the UO swing (from an extreme) and the CMO.  If I cheat, it will be on the CMO anticipating it will swing the next day.  That's IF I cheat.


Make sure this PP is less extreme than the previous one, i.e. a higher low swinging upwards, or a lower high turning down.

If I'm playing a PP on a more extreme price than the previous PP, it means I'm going against the overall trend, and could be trying to catch a falling knife.

Also the Socrates Market watch is bearish on this one, which is why I looked it up in the first place.

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