Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trades I'm considering right now

With Jan 20th seemingly a intergalactic nexus of importance:

Martin Armstrong predicts a gold high this week, so I'm considering this, far out of the money incase it goes against me, I'll mostly just be out commissions.

At the same time, I'm also considering gold longs also far out of the money based mostly on Polny or the generally idea of manipulation/rigging coming to a close.

I'm short GS with options expiring Friday.  I went 3 clicks into the money such that there was essentially no cost to hold.  It requires more money down this way.  This short is based mostly off of John Howells advice.

I will probably go long in general after tomorrow based off the daily array.  Either SPX or maybe Mannarino's picks or maybe I will go digging for my own signals.  Several of Mannarino's longs look like they are at weekly peaks and look bad for this reason.


  1. now gm is 'predicting' the stock market to go up up up...right after claiming it will crash crash crash. This way, no matter what happens, he will claim he was 'correct'. This is what a charlatan does.

    1. Well he was right, it went up. Predictions change as the dates get closer and you get new information. Where's your site that is correct 100% of the time?

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    3. It would really be interesting to know how stupid you are in real life. Probably as dumb as these people on facebook who are so dumb, they don't even come up with their own stupid opinions, they find them.