Tuesday, January 17, 2017


12/19 in hindsight looks like a turning point low week, followed by 1/2/17 which was a high.  The next week closed lower and this current week is lower so far, and not a turning point yet.  Maybe it will turn pack up next week.

So with chaos expected Friday, this could take a dive and hit support in the week beginning 1/23?  Our evolution tools say sell right now

January doesn't appear to be a month of great consequence for the DOW, maybe Feb, and then even more likely April.  However 4th quarter seems to have been a turning point, which would surely be a high.

I really don't know where you can draw any nearby support right now other than this horizontal green bar.  So I suppose I'll wait for that to either break or the new all time high and play it to continue.

The space between the green lines is about 600 points.  So if it breaks new all time highs I will go long, if it breaks this first green line I'll play it to make the second one. 

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