Thursday, January 19, 2017

Friday Turning Point Dow Array

I think this will be a good one.  The following is directly from Armstrong economics

DJIND-D FOR 1-17-2017
It is interesting how the computer has picked up the 20th as an important date from the cycles rather than fundamentals.
DJIND-M FOR 1-19-2017
We still see February as a Directional Change and volatility should rise into the April/May time frame overall in many markets.

So perhaps there has been some trepidation with the upcoming inauguration.  We've had a number of consecutive lower days.  Once we get past the inauguration there may be a lift off / new all time high? 

The monthly trend has been up, so Feb might mark a turning point for the lower.  This February Monthly bar has been showing up for a long time and hasn't changed, although now it's a bit smaller.

Whatever happens in May looks major. 

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