Friday, April 21, 2017

A random list of psychic predictions for 2017

I was listening to this and it really jives with what I see happening and what others say.

Set 1:

10 month window (illusion) of relative stability starting with the election, in which it appears like ww3 will happen, but never does, (seemingly) thanks to Trump.  So that gets us to basically September.  [especially Sept 8th]

Late August through October - powerful trigger event calls out the best and worst in people, and our future from that moment on is greatly affected by Trump

Set 2: Susan Rowland (from early feb)

Stocks will rise until about the 3Q 2017
2-3 interest rate hikes
sell your house before July 2017 if you want to sell.  Buy in 2018-2019
Trump will bring back jobs which will coincide with inflation
No problems in Russia but some in Asia   (My comment - N Korea!)
Trump's health is not great
Riots/gun use/tragedies 
New diseases
Italy tries to get out of the Euro
lots of Earthquakes in California, Oklahoma, Arkansas
hot summer in Chicago
China's/Japan's economy continues to grow
Clinton and Bush, major health problems and death (But maybe not death in 2017?)
A bad year for Hollywood
Shocking heart attacks
Lots of cabinet turnover for Trump.  4-7 people in the first two years
Prince Charles becomes King again within 2 years
Cubs to win the world series
Strides to cure cancers

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