Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Important gold / dow ahead numbers from Armstrong

"What we do not want to see is a high form in April that still failed to get through 1362."

"Two key months ahead appear to be shaping up as April and September this year."

Gold/Silver benchmark target dates:

So the next major targets are June 19 (gold) and April 17 (silver).  For the most part the gold/silver targets are far apart, and I think that means less significant.  He has the close-to-eachother targets in red.

For the Dow:
resistance stands at 21588.25 during March, it has taken on a new life once again and is poised to test the top of the channel.

Exceeding the 21589 area will be critical and then it becomes possible to see the 23500 area by May. We should see then a small correction, but once this market gets through the 23,500 zone, we can see the Phase Transition unfold into 2018."

So a pullback from 23500 and then a "phase transition into 2018".  From previous readings of his, a phase transition is basically a doubling of price, and an MAJOR high that lasts possibly for decades.  This would be the 1980 gold high of 800+ that wasn't broken until the 2000s. 

I believe his advice is to move from the phase transition to metals in 2018?  Espeically if gold is forming a slingshot move/ false low before blasting off. 

So to sum up:
Stocks up, then get out around 21588 to make sure it breaks 21589 first and then look for 23500 by May. 

(DO NOT make trades based on this!  Feel free to read it but then come up with your own trades) 

Bo Polny thinks March 22-24 will be a major low, with March 8 being the ideal time to short.  I think it will probably be a low but just a question of how low? 


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